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The Daily Dick: Musings on the Relevance of Moby-Dick Today

From Schools and School Masters

"Another point of difference between the male and female schools is still more characteristic of the sexes. Say you strike a Forty-barrel-bull—poor devil! all his comrades quit him. But strike a member of the harem school, and her companions swim around her with every token of concern, sometimes lingering so near her and so long, as themselves to fall a prey."



I've watched The Handmaid's Tale. Read the book as well. Now we have a 'handmaid' on the Supreme Court. I thought of this passage from Moby-Dick tonight. I am grateful for the strong women in my life. The ones who have held me up when I was drowning and pushed me off when I needed courage. I understand that often times women will sacrifice for each other. The women I know are that way. Tough. Fair. Giving. Tonight a woman was appointed who will join the "forty barrel bulls." This newly appointed woman is not a friend of women. Vote.

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