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The Daily Dick: Musing in a Time of Angst

From Knights and Squires

"For it is a thing most sorrowful, nay shocking, to expose the fall of valor in the soul. Men may seem detestable as joint stock-companies and nations; knaves, fools, and murderers there may be; men may have mean and meagre faces; but man, in the ideal, is so noble and so sparkling, such a grand and glowing creature, that over any ignominious blemish in him all his fellows should run to throw their costliest robes"



I love this prose. Humans are incredibly complex beings. The idea of humankind, how we have evolved, the dreams and ideas we bring to life – wow. I used to think Melville was right; watching the fall of another human is hard. The years of tRump changed me. I would not throw my cheapest robe to cover this mess. Man in the ideal is one thing, but those tRump men are exceptions and must be exposed.

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