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The Daily Dick: Musings From the Greatest Novel Ever

"For d'ye see, rainbows do not visit the clear air; they only irradiate vapor. And so, through all the thick mists of the dim doubts in my mind, divine intuitions now and then shoot, enkindling my fog with a heavenly ray. And for this I thank God; for all have doubts; many deny; but doubts or denials, few along with them, have intuitions. Doubts of all things earthly, and intuitions of some things heavenly; this combination makes neither believer nor infidel, but makes a man who regards them both with equal eye."


Musing: In this quirky chapter about whale spouts is one of my favorite quotes. One of Melville's' running 'themes' is the need for balance in humans. We have to laugh as well as cry. We have to love as well as hate. And here, he seems to remind us of the importance of skepticism and belief. And OMG - the idea that rainbows do not visit clear air is so lovely. They come when things are misty - foggy - unclear. I'm sure this is a metaphor for inspiration. This quote is one I go over from time to time - more than I will admit.

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